Baoer 507 Golden Xubeihong "The Eight Horses" Medium Nib Fountain Pen

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This size Baoer is about average size, with a length of 13.5 capped and 1.3 cm in diameter.  The barrel is made of a thick metal with a the end piece being plastic.  This pen is comfortable to hold and write with.  

The nib on the Baoer 507 has a nice two tone color that compliments the color of the barrel.

The Baoer 507 is a typical cartridge filler that can take international sized cartridges.  


1.Chinese Style Of Eight Fine Horses, Extraordinary.
2.Classic Metal Pen, Touch Feeling Is Good, The preferred Gift For You.
3.Fluent Written Smoothly, Ink Evenly For Your Article To Add Highlights.

About this Baoer 507 Fountain Pen

Quick Overview 

Brand Name: HE DAO
Packaging: Loose
Fountain Pen's Tip Material: Gold
Nib Material: Gold
Nib Type: Standard Type
Special Application: Writing
Writing Point: 0.5mm
Material: Metal
Model Number: Fountain Pens
Type: Fountain Pen